A new poll released today by a Washington-based Republican firm has hardliners in the exile community gloating.

The poll, by OnMessage Inc., initially found — as most have — that a majority of Americans support the overtures to Cuba, according to an early report in the Miami Herald. But when pollsters gamed the questions with comments about Cuba’s “dealings with Russia, North Korea, cop-killers and terrorists,” the respondents were said to have reversed their opinions and opposed normalization of relations by 30- to 40-point margins. You think?


Surveyors made a point of including 300 Cuban-Americans in the survey so they could claim that Cubans themselves hated the idea of discarding a counter-productive and ineffective 60-year-old policy in favor something new. Among that group, just over half (54%) said they opposed the rapprochement. About 41% said they supported it. That number is consistent with more reliable polling data which shows fading support for the embargo, even among Cuban-Americans.

Especially younger Cuban-Americans. Researchers have consistently found that younger Cuban-Americans and emigres who arrived more recently are strongly in support of changing the way Washington deals with Cuba. When pollsters start calling cell phones instead of just land lines (when’s the last time anyone under 30 answered a land line?) and stop asking leading questions, maybe they will start getting some more reliable samples instead of just hearing the opinions of elderly people on these and other topics.

1- Image was taken by nytimes


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