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How to Get Started with Blended Learning

What’s Blended Learning?

Quite simply, it’s a way to use technology to help with learning. It doesn’t mean technology replaces teachers or that you can simply throw a few iPads into a classroom and walk away. It means you’re adopting a style of education that leverages online education as well as technological hardware in the classroom.

We are learning in and out of the classroom. That’s the goal of blended learning. Technology helps, but it all comes down to the teacher to make it effective.

There is a lot of talk about how blended learning is one of the biggest education trends right now. That’s true, but really it’s just a fancy-ish term for something a lot of teachers have been doing for years now. They’re using technology both in and out of the classroom for any time learning. It’s pretty wonderful.

Let’s dive down a bit more into what exactly blended learning is and does. There are a few models to know about.

6 Versions Of Blended Learning

In case you were wondering, blended learning is typically organized into six versions:

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How To Get Started?

Want to know how to get started with edtech integration and blended learning? I’d recommend personalized blending, which basically means teachers create personalized, face-to-face sessions as well as online / out-of-classroom assignments that help bolster that face-to-face session.

In other words, it’s using technology to create a more personalized set of at-home learning opportunities (not just homework!) for students of any age. See below for more information, tips, and guidance.

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