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Mental Illness in Adolescents – South Asia Region

Like any physical illness, mental illness, i.e., stress, anxiety, and depression, does exist due to biochemical changes in our body or maybe due to the impact of any external social factor like loss of loved one, joblessness, etc. Anyone, who cannot manage to control resist these chemical or social changes, is liable to fall prey to mental illness. Generally, anxiety and stress lead to depression, and many people mistakenly mix up anxiety with stress. Anxiety is basically caused by Fear-of-Missed-Out (FOMO) for something related to the future, i.e., will I get a job after my graduation or not? Will I acquire desired grades in graduation or not; whereas, stress is a consequence of something one is experiencing in the present, i.e., what to do with car accident losses? Nonetheless, both are emotional reactions leading to physical changes like agitation, increased heart rate or palpitation, headache, panic attack, etc.

Mental illness is surfacing

Nowadays, mental illness is surfacing at a surge rate in adolescents/ young students of South Asian countries. The identified and pronounced factors are as follows:-

Primary mental illness

Though primarily mental illness warrants technical handling through cognitive therapists, specific measures by parents and teachers could bring positive dividends in a much earlier time frame. Firstly, treatment of mental illness must be brought out of the social dogma list; patients must be encouraged to consult therapists on priority. Secondly, Parents! Please relieve your kids from an undesirable unrealistic grade acquisition race; you guys believe me or not that from records, it is proven that average students who were balanced in their life approach proved to be more successful in life than their toppers of the class. Thirdly, Parents! Please start giving the audience to your children; they need you instead of gadgets provided by you; become their counselor and friend instead of searching pseudo friends on SMNs. Lastly, let your off-springs live their life in the current era and choose the career of his/her choice – rest assured, they will not let you down.

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