Reasons Why the Government May Be Afraid of Bitcoins: The most interesting question about bitcoin is, Are governments afraid of bitcoin? So the answer is yes. 

You can demonstrate that it is impracticable to stop bitcoin. I consider if the Governments are threatened, they can go forward and put the limitation stick down on the entire industry on the appearance of regulatory non-compliance.

The only way is to make sure the authorities have no intention to fear it. If one is completely controlled, then the authorities cannot forbid such a bitcoin; a ban would be known to be illegal. This might become a nightmare for bitcoin.

Bitcoin declares that “it is the leading decentralized peer-to-peer remittance chain that is powered by its users with no central government.”1 That absence of central authority is the basic reason governments are frightened of bitcoin. To understand this worry, it is essential to know a little bit about politics and traditional currencies.

There can be a variety of reasons due to which government can fear bitcoins. So let’s discuss these reasons in detail.

  • These currencies are trustless:

Fiat currencies have worth as authorities issue them. You can’t yield the currency to the state in trade for a bar of gold or silver. Fiat currencies are supported by the full confidence and reputation of the government that issued them and nothing more. Fiat currencies have no inherent worth; alternatively, the worth of fiat currencies is settled by the authorities. Cryptocurrencies are a digital sort of money that’s powered by blockchain technology. All cryptocurrencies are not issued by any regulation, immutable, and trustless.

  • Fiscal Policy

While the ability for corruption attracts the public’s consciousness, the role money performs in a country’s monetary strategy has the ability to have a far vaster effect. Since authorities deliberately increase or decrease the value of money flowing in a country to incite speculation and spending, generate jobs, or avoid increasing inflation and bankruptcy, power over money is a huge concern.

  • Crime Concerns

Many news articles have addressed practical currency and corruption, which is sufficient to recall the problems by declaring that untraceable monetary transactions promote crime. Narcotic trafficking, hooking, terrorism, money laundering, tax avoidance, and different irregular and insurgent activities all benefit from the ability to move money in untraceable ways.

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