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Report: Cuba’s Etecsa to Begin Offering Cellular Data Packages

Cubanet today is reporting something that will be welcome news in many corners of the island if confirmed: ETECSA, the state-owned cellular telephone company, is preparing to roll out a data package for users of its service in Cuba.

Citing anonymous sources at the company, the report says ETECSA is also in discussions with Chinese telecoms giant, Huawei Technologies, to beef up the country’s fiber optic backbone and eventually offer residential broadband. Offering internet access via the cellular network is said to be a stopgap measure and its rollout is anticipated “in the very near future.”

Cubanet reminds us that internet access for regular Cubans is limited to the facilities run by the Young Computer Club, of which there were only 155 with 573 computers across the country at the end of last year. ETECSA has said it has plans to add 538 additional computers in these facilities this year. Internet access in people’s homes is prohibited — though widely shared surreptitiously — in Cuba. Only foreigners have that right.

1- Image was taken by japantimes

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