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Terrorism – Is It Historically Linked with Islam?


In one of the European schools, students were asked to draw a diagram of a terrorist during one of the social exercises. Amazingly all drew a bearded chap with Arabian attire holding an automatic weapon. What this actually depicts? An exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims have been perpetuated through extensive media campaigns from the last 3-4 decades. Ironically, dual standards are so blatantly exhibited nowadays that if Craig Michael shoots down three Muslims in chapel hill, he is labeled as a murderer who quarreled on some parking issue but not called a terrorist by the media. What if three Christians would have been killed by a Muslim? How media would have responded?

Let’s have a quick rundown of historical pages to probe fairly that is Islam an intolerant religion with hate-laden holly book content against non-Muslims?

Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion that had co-existed successfully with all the religions, even when it was on the lead role in World’s Arena from the 6th to 19th Century. Now it’s a time for ruling the Non-Muslim World to understand and respect Muslims’ religious freedom/ideology and grant them the opportunity for peaceful co-existence and shed away with the undesirable notion of Islam-phobia.

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